Speak Life By Choice

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Speak Life By Choice, Not the Last Resort!  2012

Speak life! You said you couldn’t do it and the moment you said it, the devil rose up and defeated you. You said you didn’t have enough faith and the moment you said it, doubt rose up like a giant and canceled what you believed God for.

You started talking failure and now, what you try to accomplish, you find you cannot accomplish! You started talking fear and fear increased its grip on you! Now, fear has paralyzed your faith that you cannot move forward in the things of God.

Perhaps you never realized it, but we are ruled by the words of our mouth. Be more conscience of the words that you are speaking, for our words are seeds and they will produce something either in a negative way or a positive way! You can either speak life to your situation or death to it, for the power of death and life is in our tongue. (Prov. 18:21)