The Little Girl With The Want To


The Little Girl with the Want To:

“How could this be happening to me? God, I love you and have served you from the beginning. Yet, you allowed this to happen.” Lila could not understand how God could get the glory out of this pain. At one point, the pain became so hurtful that she thought about ending it all. One afternoon, she was sitting in her living room crying and she told God that if He did not help her, she would just kill herself. Her heart was broken and she felt like she just could not face life anymore. As she planned how to end it all, her baby girl laid her innocent little face on her lap and started singing, “You are my sunshine; my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You never know dear how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.” Instantly, Lila recognized God’s grace in the room. She knew God had come to help her and that she could not give up now.


“This work is sure to grab and keep readers’ attention. Lita’s book will allow readers to experience all facets of their emotions, leading them on a quest to discover their inner conqueror. Despite life’s pains, disappointments, and setbacks, God orchestrated it all to place Lita on a platform for His glory. You WILL laugh again, believe again and live again with greater purpose after reading this book.”

~Kandra C. Albury, Ph.D.

Author- “From Food Stamps to Favor”

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